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Ethereum 99.10
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Token sale completed on 24 February
Goal: 2,400,000 USD
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YOUnited (UNTD)

YOUnited is the first truly reasonable, social and decentralized online betting and gaming system with no house interactions. The main objective are to eradicate the “house” (i.e. casino) participation in this industry, to be able to introduce real ‘player against players’ solutions with all winnings distributed among participated players. The YOUnited own native UNTD blockchain technology allows wagering and gambling to advance with provably fair and auditable algorithm, fast and secure deals and easy-to-use environment with built-in qualities. Portfolio of the games comprises lotteries, quick skill games, recreations betting, casino games and so many more developed activities, too as support of turnkey solution for online operators. This mix of technology, social and item innovations create the perfect ecosystem for a platform where players like to go back and bring their buddies to become listed on as well.

Token Sale: 24 August — 24 February
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