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$57.69 1.57336%
Monero 3.46
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Yunique Token (YQX)

Token sale completed on 15 March
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Yunique Token (YQX)

Yunique Exchange is a Unique exchange allowing the traders to deposit, withdraw, purchase and sell, claim some airdrops, use atomic swap, and spend their cryptocurrency with higher safety.
Yunique Exchange currently includes the following features:
Coin Listing
– This allows the coin or token designers and holders to include their tokens to Yunique Exchange at no cost.
Market ranking
– This shows the archive list that suggests market capitalization, markets price, the amount of the cryptocurrency, the portion of build and loss, and the information of the coin or token that are listed on Yunique Exchange.
– shows the most up-to-date news from Yunique Exchange.
Free Airdrops
– Another revenue stream for many traders in Yunique Exchange
– Developers and owners of the token or coin allows to utilize Direct Customer Advertisement.

Token Sale: 19 November — 15 March
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