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Bitsive Exchange (SIV)

Token sale completed on 02 February
Goal: 500,000 USD
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a method of protocols would allow users to deposit cryptocurrencies on an exchange, minus the existence of an actual deposit. A smart contract provides the beds base of the solution, but the huge benefits have died if the funds can’t be used to start multiple, simultaneous trades. We propose a solution to your following three problems using a zero-day protocol: centralized exchange hot wallet hacks, decentralized change limited trading capabilities, multiple deposits of low amounts on over the counter exchanges. At its core, is the smart contract which serves as an input and output for the cryptocurrencies it supports. The smart agreement takes the input from the trader and assigns it a unique identifier, often the traders wallet address, and sets up a contra account with the given quantity deposited and allows the trader to perform trading activities in the centralized change. Once an order is filled, the federation server updates the trader’s transactions onto the Blockchain immediately permitting the trader to withdraw their balance after trading activities over the same smart agreement by initiating the withdraw call. The investor will select the form of coin to withdraw, enter their particular key and wallet target.

Token Sale: 30 September — 02 February
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