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CryptoTycoon (CTY)

Token sale completed on 10 March
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CryptoTycoon is a huge multiplayer online tycoon with role playing and economics and strategy. It's the ultimate blockchain and crypto simulation and a very diverse and challenging game.
We begin to see the chance to create CryptoTycoon a crypto education for most.
Even now people still don't understand in which the coins come from, why they are valued just how they’re, what the infrastructure looks like. Playing CryptoTycoon these people can come to understand the tech and will get curious concerning this tech IRL. That curiosity will sooner or later lead in their mind utilising the crypto.
CryptoTycoon (the game motor and logic) runs the way blockchain does. The same principles, similar transparency. It's blockchain visualized in kind of game states (the whole game "history" can be obtained at any aim via a public link) and like-able game content. The information that is no longer ones and zeroes, but something it is possible to perform with and something you can sell, something that has value, one thing your see with their very own vision.
This is a game, but we aim to solve a great deal larger problem. The vision will be the spark that begins people use using the activities angle. It's doable and incredibly much real. Entertainment is exactly what individuals understand. And what individuals understand they will use.
History proved that entertainment brought adoption to broadcast, TV, online. The time for cryptocurrencies has arrived.

Token Sale: 10 January — 10 March
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