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Evident Proof (EPT)

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Token sale completed on 31 August
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Evident Proof is a blockchain, Ethereum and token-based provider that turns data into immutable proof proof chains. We aim to deliver immutable information, provenance and evidence service to businesses and enable proof and provenance service to people. Many organisations worldwide is increasingly necessary to justify and confirm their data strategies. This includes operational data administration and information events for conformity, risk verification, business reporting as well as other more due diligence purposes.
We also envisage that the Evident system will enable individuals to proof chain individual activities and data giving them control of whom views it so when. Evident Proof is a solution that we wish will transform the current markets state of storing evidence chains using corruptible logs to using immutable evidence chains on block chain. It delivers data that cannot be destroyed or hacked, and a new way to generate wealth from information deals.

Token Sale: 17 July — 31 August
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