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Loci Coin (LOCI)

Loci envisions a future where innovation is democratized. Individual and small teams of inspired inventors should have actually since equal access towards finding of the latest tech and its economic benefits as any large corporation. The current international innovation system try dangerous, chaotic, expensive, and limits the progress and rate of innovation. Loci has experienced the flaws of the system firsthand while acquiring its own granted patent.
Loci's InnVenn system will revolutionize the patent research and discovery process while drastically reducing the prohibitive charges for inventors along with making the jobs of intellectual property scientists, attorneys, and developers far simpler. The trillions of bucks wasted each 12 months on unsuccessful R&D can be reinvested into further innovation. With the application of blockchain to our system, we can ensure that anyone can defend their rights to their intellectual property. It is with this vision that Loci expects the utilitarian benefits of LOCI Coins to improve in the long run. The Loci community will speed up the introduction of the latest technologies and can empower a new generation of inventors.

Token Sale: 06 December — 31 December
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