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NeuralTrade Network (NET)

Token sale completed on 07 July
Goal: 13,677,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

Most people are desperately searching for financial freedom in their life. Sadly monetary freedom remains a dream in their mind or an
evasive concept that forever escapes them. The biggest issue around financial freedom is some magic bullet or some
secret achievements model they think exists, they spend an endless period of time, effort and also resources in getting
this magic bullet and/or secret success model. Just a few of them find it, although some keep looking over and over…
But in which could be the problem- there is always the solution.
We are here to introduce you NeuralTrade Network- the platform, which helps your to reach finally your goals in building your
personal financial freedom. NeuralTrade is a decentralized blockchain-based neural community, which predicts cryptoexchanges
signals and combines neural network technology with synthetic cleverness and machine training with a view to build a
perfect readily available extremely easy and understandable cryptotrading tool. NeuralTrade is a new economic ecosystem,
it's a blessing for every person, regardless you’re the experienced cryptotrader or just the beginner, it helps everyone to
earn great income easily.
NeuralTrade Platform unites machine learning/AI designers, front end/back end professionals, blockchain professionals, UI/UX
designers, Big Data engineers, DAO and web-APPs designers. As an effect of synergy, there’s a creation of the unified
ecosystem providing you with incentive and assisting mechanisms for all platform users.
Our mission is always to empower our token holders with advanced algorithms, which will enable them to increase their
profits. NeuralTrade provides these tools in an easy and effective user-friendly way, our Platform is a place where
anybody can make money with no advanced level technical knowledge required.
NeuralTrade is a brand new breakthrough in cryptotrading industry that combines the great benefits of blockchain technology
with neural community potential.
We provide the empowerment, access and tradability so anyone can indulge in creating a viable easy-to-use system for
both newbies and the skilled cryptotraders. We introduce a brand new alternative for Machine Learning marketplace individuals
interaction by making an extremely easy device for cryptotrading marketplace.
We have a vision that everyone can trade cryptocurrencies in a safer and simple way and achieve their goals in building personal
financial freedom.
We aren’t saying we will definitely give the financial freedom to our users, nonetheless it is going to be much simpler with the help of
our features and just a little bit passion achieving.
Our team intends to establish a community-based cryptotrading system where people are likeminded and concentrated on success.
We will launch a DAO on the NeuralTrade foundation, in which all the token holders will feel participants, this will ensure
continuous and full-scale training of the neural network for the fastest results success.
One of this tips of the working platform is the fact that holders will not only invest their tokens by buying forecasts but also earn by
their activity. For this purpose we will build a credit card applicatoin with an easy intuitive interface for uploading
cryptocurrency related information information, this task is going to be paid with NeuralTrade (NET) tokens.
The choice of this mechanism is based on the fast scalability and proven effectiveness of the crowd wisdom, the quick
community scalability enables bringing the accuracy of the forecast to 85-87% until the conclusion of 2019.
The amplification of forecasts accuracy will augment the token price growth since outsiders will need to buy tokens in
purchase to get forecasts. This ever-growing demand plus a little total supply (you will see just 10000000 NET tokens
generated), will ensure constant development of this token price and its attractiveness to investors.
The NeuralTrade Platform functioning is dependant on two primary components-
1. The community is monitoring the wide selection of big cryptoexchanges and collects facts concerning all trading
operations in genuine time mode 24/7. This process is completely automatic, it willn't need individual involvement. The network "knows"
all the reputation for every connected coin. This approach allows the community to have the most up-to-date and complete
information to be able to make raw predictions on newly emerged coins and tokens and correct the short-term viewpoint of
existing assets.
2. The information from cryptonews aggregators try being uploaded to the network in 2 ways: the first is automatical
collecting and uploading from crypto media outlets, the 2nd try handbook uploading from miscellaneous resources. In this instance
the community is analyzing the info uploaded by users, numerous uploading of the exact same article is estimated as more
important than the single article and the community may increase it"s weight. That's why we mean to improve the network speed
and accuracy aided by the help of our community.
Every part of information (both information from exchanges and from media outlets) been examined by community's device
algorithms gets a numeric weight and coefficient, positive or negative.
Interconnecting, estimation and processing of these components enables the network to produce forecasts, the continual
comparison of the forecast and the marketplace fluctuation in a specific time duration enables increasing forecasts accuracy and
terms day by day.
NeuralTrade Platform advantages. The tips.
1. Accessibility
Using our system you may get fast constant profit anytime and anywhere.
You are certain to get the convenient one-touch trading-on-the-go application and the reliable device to win their trades. All you need to accomplish is
to purchase sufficient tokens that will be accustomed spend for the forecasts of cryptocurrencies fluctuations.
2. Small investment access
You can begin trading with small amounts and constantly enlarge their capital without lack of funds.
3. Using simpleness
You don't need to need special knowledge or skill to understand and analyze technical facts.
The simple intuitive interface will suit all users, whether you are the beginner or a seasoned trader.
4. Time-saving
You don't have to explore and analyze a lot of everyday information.
5. Reliable long-term investment opportunity.
We don't recommend to buying NeuralTrade tokens with speculative purpose solely, although according to experts viewpoint,
the price tag on NET can grow up to x10 during the very first 12 months after system launch.

Token Sale: 15 April — 07 July
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