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Token sale completed on 31 December
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Website Whitepaper
Rebglo (REB)

The REBGLO project seeks to address and improve on current crypto-currency mining
inefficiencies with a variety of software and hardware solutions. The REBGLO
venture is driven by the REBGLO token, an ERC-20 Token nestled on the Ethereum
Block Chain. A total supply of 10 billion REBGLO tokens will be given.
Currently, REBGLO’s software mining enhancement solutions happen to be finished
and poised to be rolled out for implementation on the mining farms. Mining effectiveness
has become benchmarked to boost by 17.2 per cent aided by the introduction of Data
Transmission Technology. REBGLO’s L2 Optimized Mining solutions is currently
under development and will be around exclusively to REBGLO mining farms in the
near future. Current beta system tests also have proven that the L2 system will enhance
the mining hash rate efficiency by 160 per cent.
REBGLO’s HETTARER happens to be in production and will be prepared to be delivered for
global sales. The HETTARER technology improves battery lifestyle by 300 per cent and
decrease charging you times by 50 per cent. The integration of HETTARER technology into
the L2 system is at this time underway and ought to be prepared for publish, with the
L2 system, within the coming months.

Token Sale: 01 December — 31 December
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