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Token sale completed on 01 September
4,721,297 USD 24,000,000 USD 19%
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Vecap is a committed and very easy project that guarantees the security of a good residence community as a result of innovative blockchain technology and smart contracts. Every action carried out on the Vecap platform will be recorded in an immutable
and virtually invulnerable databases – so as to crack it, the hacker would require to get administrator usage of 51% of individual devices, which becomes definitely impossible as the project spreads around the globe.
Vecap combines all smart homes into a solitary decentralized network and protects their information from intruders. The platform uses a cutting-edge protection standard that try independent from integral protection features.
Thus, as a result of Vecap, hackers will no longer find a way to penetrate the smart home data network and violate their privacy as they will not rely on friends of disparate storage space devices on a business's susceptible server. At the exact same time, Vecap will be able to produce important computer data network perhaps not only safer, but also much faster and much more efficient.

Token Sale: 31 August — 01 September
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