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Cryptoxygen (OXY2)

Trading & Investments
Token sale completed on 30 June
400,000 USD 3,500,000 USD 11%
Website Whitepaper
Cryptoxygen (OXY2)

Cryptoxygen is a whole platform, comprising of cryptocurrency exchange and wallet, to provide the users with secure, high-speed systems to buy, sell and shop crypto assets, at the cheapest prices.

This is a very first inside history of the cryptoworld markets, that a crypto trade platform seals a partnership with an equipment manufacturer-Thomson Computing-(French historical electronics brand since 1893). Cryptoxygen platform is going to be integrated directly in over one million laptops and tablets sold on a yearly basis throughout the globe.
As outcome, it’ll generate a number of users and gain rapid marketplace share by increasing admiration of our token value.
Cryptoxygen is blockchain-based ecosystem that comprises of an exchange and a multi-blockchain mobile wallet for iOS and Android platforms, to provide secure, fast and advanced level crypto investing systems at lowest rates. The Cryptoxygen exchange platform allows fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto trading. It includes an easy-to-use interface, data charts and real-time cost tracking, which makes it easier for users to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. The wallet, however, permits users to shop, purchase and sell cryptocurrencies while ensuring the highest security. In addition, Cryptoxygen provides online information and social trading, where crypto beginners can follow effective traders on the platform and copy their trading patterns. Detailed online curriculum may also be provided to those that want extensive knowledge of crypto trading platform principles, techniques and many more.
Cryptoxygen envisions ahead with a lab to support startups with innovative methods to mitigate all kinds of pollution and development of synthetic intelligence projects.
ICO details
Cryptoxygen’s OXY2 token is dependant on Ethereum and developed on ERC20 system. Our energy token provides our platform users with special service and advantages like lower trading commission and charges, which will feel because lower as 0.05%.
Cryptoxygen exchange features
->Crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto trades
->Low trading charges
->Online trading academy
->Social trading
->Streaming information
->23 available tokens for trading
Cryptocoin mobile wallet
->Secure wallet
->Biometric authentication to level-up the security
->Transfer cryptocurrencies via QR rule
->Track a transaction regarding the blockchain
->Built-in calculator
Smart Listing
Cryptoxygen try an exchange that is put to offer smart solutions to crypto investors by creating its listing requirement more affordable yet highly analytical. On this basis, tokens will perhaps not you need to be listed because the vendors can afford the fees rather, the market/impact potentials is going to be the major determinant. This can make Cryptoxygen an exchange for promising tokens instead than just having rich vendors with low marketplace strength or projection.

Token Sale: 15 January — 30 June
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